Razzleberry Bliss

Sweet and tangy, Razzleberry smells good enough to eat! A base of vanilla musk, mixed sweet berries and cherries, with just a touch of tangy green apple and lemon zest. 

Blueberry Bombshell

Everybody loves a nice big slice of fresh cool vanilla cheesecake, imagine it topped with crisp sweet blueberries. The inviting aromas of buttercream, coconut, almond with hints of peach will leave you craving more. 

Jam It

Fill your home full of sweet, warm fragrances such as vanilla bean, buttermilk and malt, alongside hot and tangy top notes of ripe summer raspberries, lemon and cherry, with a delicate dusting of sugar to complete this little sweet treat!!!

Not So Vanilla

We created this candle for people who prefer the simple things in life, except we did it with twist. With base notes of vanilla, a touch of musk, top notes of caramel and buttermilk. With or without a top sprinkle of roasted coffee beans this candle is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 



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