Everyone is so precious these days and feelings get hurt by the smallest things... Seriously they are trying to change the story of Snow White now because she was "Kissed whilst asleep without her consent" So it was "Non- Consensual"? First it was Mr. Potato Head and then the Golden Gaytiime... You know what #Fckyourfeelings!


A luxurious fragrance of citrus including top notes of blood orange, Grapefruit then followed by hints of nutmeg, clove with a finish of  leather and wood. Its Pretty Damn Sexy if you ask us!


When you look up the word Entitled the Dictionary says -





  • Believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. 


    "kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them"

We at Melburn Co have had so much DEMAND for this fragrance and as most of you would already know we don't do what everyone else does. So we have done it with a bang! The fragrance is a direct replica of the actual formula to the very in popular fragrance 1 Million. This is as close as you can get.


Available in the following Products - 

  • Large Luxurious Wood Wick Candle in a gorgeous Gold Jar (50-60 Hours burn time)

  • Extra Large Luxurious Wood Wick Candle in a gorgeous Gold Jar 80+ Hours burn time)

  • Luxury Hand painted Golden Glitter Reed Diffuser with a hand painted Rice paper Flower Reed (Also comes with Wooden Reeds for those who don't do flowers). Last 9-12 Months

  • 130g bar of hand poured Goats Milk Soap with body safe glitter, GUARANTEED to add sparkle to your shower (It washes away)

  • 4 Pack of 100% Soy Maxi Tea light pack with guess what? A dusting of Gold Glitter. Each Tea Light burns 12-15 hours

  • An Amazing Gift Pack that includes  5 x Love heart shaped Wax Melts, 1 x Maxi Tea Light and 10ml Alcohol free roll on Perfume oil. Individually packaged in a small Gift box with lots of fluff and stuff

  • 250ml Aloe Vera Body wash with a slight Gold shimmer just for fun.

  • 30ml Bottle of Electric Diffuser Oil

  • 100ml Shaving 

  • 200g After Shave Balm with Gold shimmer

  • 30ml Grapeseed, Jojoba and Avocado Oil base Beard Oil with a slight Gold shimmer.


​Completely designed to add sparkle and bling to your life and a complete example of the founders humor in regards to those who feel So Entitled. Apologies if this offends its not personal but #Fckyourfeelings

This is currently as a LIMITED EDITION run and once sold out (Which isn't far away) the founder will then decide if its kept or not.