Morning Glory
Rise and shine... Awaken your senses with this invigorating mix of clary sage, bergamot, peppermint and aniseed, blended upon base notes of invigorating cedar wood. This fragrance is bound to inspire you to seize the day!!!
Elevate your senses with this unparalleled blend of blood orange, goji berries, blackcurrant and kaffir lime. This fragrance is based on a foundation of patchouli, spiced amber and sandalwood. You'll be feeling sublime in no time.​
Splice Of Life
Splice is a fruity mix of pineapple, mango, passionfruit, pawpaw, peach and crisp green apple. This fragrance creates a cool calming vibe, on a base of vanilla and coconut, it’s sure to keep your place smelling fresh and vibrant all year round.
Shelley Beach
Take in a deep breath of coastal air and enjoy a sensory stroll on a balmy beach with these uplifting notes of cucumber and mint. Shelly Beach brings you a calming earthy base of sea parsley, lime, basil and sea salt

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Citrus Bloom
The perfect mixture of blood orange, Kaffir lime, bergamot and rosewood. Citrus Bloom is the perfect vibe for summer

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Peony Ride
They say "every girl wants a pony." We think the soft floral notes of peony, rose, jasmine, African violet, alongside fruity hints of peach, apricot, grapefruit and sweet brown sugar will rewrite that saying forever... Giddy Up!
Luxurious Linen
Luxurious Linen:
Feel right at home with this gentle, refreshing mix of chamomile, Lavender, freesia and lily, with the subtle yet energising top notes of citrus and peach.
Friday Wine Down
It’s Friday night... time to set the mood and wind down after a hard week. Friday Wine Down is a complex bouquet of red wine, balsam, tonka bean, and spicy berries, mixed with a hint of vanilla and caramel.
Perfect for setting the mood on a Saturday night with a glass of bubbly, before slipping into something a little less comfortable in anticipation of a hot night out. This fragrance is a sensual mix of peony, gardenia and honeysuckle, with subtle hints of musk, nutmeg and sandalwood.

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Lazy Sunday Morning
Picture the perfect Sunday morning in bed... the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, with toasted brioche, while smooth hints of vanilla and buttermilk fill the air. Lazy Sunday Morning sets the perfect mood for the ultimate in weekend relaxation.

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Take a trip to the candy store with this bubble gum inspired treat. A sweet mix of grape, strawberry and raspberry, with a gentle pop of vanilla and malt to have you blowing your cares away...
Moroccan Sand
As warm and inviting as the sand baths of Morocco, this fragrance is just as uplifting and invigorating. A heady mix of nutmeg, bergamot, cinnamon and sandalwood, with just a splash of vanilla and orange. Moroccan Sand will transport your senses to exotic destinations.
Cheat Day
Satisfy your cheat day cravings with this guilt-free, zero-calorie concoction of all the best treats - sweet maple syrup, creamy vanilla, baked apple with brown sugar and buttermilk sugar cookies. It's not even really cheating...
Razzleberry Bliss
Sweet and tangy, Razzleberry smells good enough to eat! A base of vanilla musk, mixed sweet berries and cherries, with just a touch of tangy green apple and lemon zest.
Not So Vanilla
This fragrance was created for people who prefer the simple things in life, except we did it with twist. With base notes of vanilla, a touch of musk, top notes of caramel and buttermilk. With or without a top sprinkle of roasted coffee beans this fragrance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Blueberry Bombshell
Everybody loves a nice big slice of fresh cool vanilla cheesecake, imagine it topped with crisp sweet blueberries. The inviting aromas of buttercream, coconut and almond with hints of peach will leave you craving more.
Jam It
Fill your home full of sweet, warm fragrances such as vanilla bean, buttermilk and malt, alongside hot and tangy top notes of ripe summer raspberries, lemon and cherry, with a delicate dusting of sugar to complete this little sweet treat!
High Roller
High Roller's fragrance can only be described as hedonistic. The earthy tones of leather, tobacco leaf, bourbon and cedarwood upon a base of exotic tonka bean that smells like rich vanilla and dark honey. High Roller provokes a seductive atmosphere of pure luxury.
Latin for fire…this fragrance is warm and inviting with a gentle blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, leather, bergamot and amber.
Jacks Skeleton
Our limited edition Halloween inspired fragrance. With a delicious, warming blend of pumpkin, nutmeg and ginger, and some smooth caramel and buttermilk notes for a spiced pumpkin pie smell all year round.
As unique, colourful and sweet as the LGBTQI community, this deliciously fun fragrance will fill your place with fresh lime, lemon, malt vanilla and lily of the valley. Pride invites you to embrace acceptance and diversity, the perfect fragrance for the person who loves to burn bright
The Grampians
Arguably one of Melbourne’s most scenic destinations, some say it is where you’ll find Zen… A rich blend of luxurious Australian sandalwood with notes of cedar and amber will transport your senses to a higher state of peace and tranquillity just like this breathtaking location.

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Flinders Ranges
Best known for its breathtaking sweeping views across South Australia, this fragrance brings to life the vibrant aromas of golden wattle and honey with hints of native Australian flora.

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Yarra Vallrey
Renowned for its undulating world class vineyards surrounded by lush cool climate native Australian greenery, this fragrance exudes the peaceful nature of eucalyptus and lemon myrtle with notes pine needle on a base of patchouli.

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