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Australian Alternative Artist

When two creative minds get together its always dangerous, then add in a love for all things strange and Unusual and you get The Melburn Co and

Miss Cherry Martini Collaboration.


Always the Black Sheep and an Artist since Birth,

Miss Martini has spent her days delighting in creating dark and unusual designs for the world.

Spending over 13 lucky years working on many great projects such as alternative clothing labels around the globe, magazines, toy designing, creating unique tattoo designs and having fun with Logos and Portraits. 

She is now ready to take new steps into her own future where she can free her mind on paper and let her demons run wild!

She hopes you will join her on this new journey and be inspired and desired by her new creations! 

Morning Ritual
(Featuring Lazy Sunday Morning)

Picture the perfect Sunday morning in bed... the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, with toasted brioche, while smooth hints of vanilla and buttermilk fill the air. Lazy Sunday Morning sets the perfect mood for the ultimate in weekend relaxation.
Mid-Day Ritual
Fond memories float though the mid-morning hues with this reminiscent cola fragrance. The refreshing combination of citrus and spice captures the cola-essence of fun, sun and childhood.
Evening Ritual
(Featuring Jam it)

Fill your home full of sweet, warm fragrances such as vanilla bean, buttermilk and malt, alongside hot and tangy top notes of ripe summer raspberries, lemon and cherry, with a delicate dusting of sugar to complete this little sweet treat!!!
Night Ritual
(Featuring Friday Wine Down)

It’s Friday night... time to set the mood and wind down after a hard week. Friday Wine Down is a complex bouquet of red wine, balsam, tonka bean, and spicy berries, mixed with a hint of vanilla and caramel.
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The Pumpkin King
Pumpkin King
(Featuring Jack’s Skeleton)
Our limited edition Halloween inspired fragrance. With a delicious, warming blend of pumpkin, nutmeg and ginger, and some smooth caramel and buttermilk notes for a spiced pumpkin pie smell all year round.
Sweet Soul
Sweet Soul
(Reaturing Razzleberry Bliss)
Sweet and tangy, Razzleberry smells good enough to eat! A base of vanilla musk, mixed sweet berries and cherries, with just a touch of tangy green apple and lemon zest.
The Bio Exorcist
(Featuring Sublime)
Elevate your senses with this unparalleled blend of blood orange, goji berries, blackcurrant and kaffir lime. This fragrance is based on a foundation of patchouli, spiced amber and sandalwood. You'll be feeling sublime in no time.
Roll The Dice
(Featuring Shhhh Santa’s coming)
Close your eyes and think about the delicious smells that remind you of Christmas... We know you’ll love the smell of gingerbread cookies as much as Santa does. Your house can smell like Christmas all year round
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