We are so fortunate to be able to work along side some amazing people, creating custom products right down to branding.  

Amongst some of our Custom creations we can tailor make gift boxes both small and large, product for your business with your logo on it and also just a beautiful custom made product to match your home decor.


Everyone is so precious these days and feelings get hurt by the smallest things...

Seriously they are trying to change the story of Snow White now because she was "Kissed whilst asleep without her consent" So it was "Non- Consensual"? First it was Mr. Potato Head and then the Golden Gaytiime...
You know what #Fckyourfeelings!


What started as a test to see how our product sold has turned into a two year long great relationship.

Cignall Pakenham is our biggest retail outlet and carries most of our line and fragrances. They are also the first to get new products even before we launch them. Exclusive wholesaler of our BFC candle with over 300 hours burn time.

Located in Heritage Springs Shopping Centre, Pakenham

Cignall Pakenham

Originally Created in 2017 in celebration of same sex marriage becoming legal in Australia, our Pride Candle has now beome an entire Collection.

Selling out on a regular basis and is available in a variety of products including beautifully layered Candle, Maxi tea lights and melts.

Click here to go straight to the store and see the Pride collection for yourself.


Customer Testimonials.

“If you want Amazing fragrances look no further!!
The candles, melts, diffusers and more are long lasting and smell so good it’s like you could eat them!!!

There’s a big range of each scent and there Devine!!!

Let’s not forget the Big Fu**ing Candle! Whoa these will blow your mind!

I have not brought from anywhere else since discovering Melburn co!

The customer service is beyond compare to anywhere else!.”
- Stephanie Russel

Melburn Co continues the tradition of handcrafted bespoke fragrances. Custom created using complex blended fragrances in a vegetable oil base that have the power to arouse happiness, elicit serenity and even recall fond childhood memories. 


Whilst having a forced break for 6 months gave time for new creations. So far added to our collection are -
*Watermelon Smash
*Malibu Dreams
*Vanilla Wood
*Simply Chic
*Havana Nights

Complete fragrance descriptions available on our fragrances page


So as you expect the last two years has kicked so many businesses in the arse and that does include us.


However we are coming back stronger and better that ever before. We also have 9 brand new exclusive Melburn Co fragrances and also a brand new range products launching this year. 

Simply Chic_edited.jpg

We have introduced some amazing new products to our fragrance collections including -
*Hand & Surface Sanitisers
*Room & Linen Sprays
*Epsom Bath Salts
*Electric Diffuser Oils
*Spa Tea Lights
*Luxurious Body Scrub
*Travel Candles

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